Now get the equivalent of one week of Abeka Academy video lessons to use in your home, whether you need a break from leading lessons, need some help with difficult subjects, or want to see if video homeschooling is the right fit for you.
Maybe you’re one of the many parents who has found themselves homeschooling their children for the first time. Or perhaps you’re just thinking about a change to your routine. Either way, homeschooling doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time instructing your kids, grading their papers, and preparing tomorrow’s lesson plans.

Abeka Academy video homeschool, based on Abeka’s proven approach to teaching and learning, is an easier way to make sure your child receives a quality, comprehensive education. Abeka's spiral learning method constantly reinforces what's been taught so they can retain more and not lose ground or confidence along the way.

With Abeka Academy, your children learn from master teachers leading lessons on prerecorded videos and then complete assignments from their teachers. Parents provide follow-up, accountability, and encouragement. It’s homeschool at the push of a button.
Get a taste of Abeka Academy with 25 hours of streaming video lessons.
Get up to $250 credited to your account by switching to Abeka now.

25 hours of Abeka Academy—FREE

Whether you need assistance with difficult subjects, need a break from leading lessons, or are just curious if Abeka Academy is a long-term fit for you—use your free Abeka Academy hours to check out one grade or spread those hours over several grades and subjects.

Interested in Homeschooling?

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Abeka Gives You Freedom

Whether you pick video homeschooling or a conventional parent-led approach, you can feel good about your choice—your children are learning from Abeka’s proven approach to education.
Want your kindergartener to learn cursive, not just manuscript? Want to lead some lessons yourself but let our master teachers lead others? Want digital textbooks for your high schooler instead of printed? Mix and match with Abeka to find what’s right for you.
Abeka is as convenient as you want it to be. An Abeka Academy tuition and books enrollment includes everything your child needs for the year. Same goes for full-grade child kits. Even ordering your materials is simplified when you choose kits.

Looking for a More Hands-On Approach?

Child Kits
Use full-grade kits or subject kits for children to keep your kids on track for the entire school year. Kits for children include clearly written textbooks, practical workbooks, quiz and textbooks, and other similar resources to help them learn and absorb the material. 
Parent Kits
Parent kits give you everything you need to teach with confidence. You’ll have 170 days worth of lessons—either in stand-alone Curriculum Lesson plans or in the lesson plans you’ll find in teacher editions of the textbooks. Plus, you’ll get answer keys, teaching aids, and other parent resources.
Video homeschooling isn’t your only choice with Abeka.

*Exclusions: 25 free hours of Abeka Academy are limited to one trial per account.