How to make the transition from public 
or Christian school to homeschool.
Many parents are discovering that a school classroom may not be the best fit for their child’s education. Whatever your reason you might be pulling your child from school, here are some helpful basics about transitioning to homeschool—the education option enjoyed by thousands of families each year.
Choose How You Homeschool
If you think homeschooling means you spend all your time instructing your kids, grading papers, and preparing tomorrow’s lesson plans, you’re in for a big surprise.

You’ve got options, including video homeschool—the easiest way to make sure your child learns everything they need.

Cost Comparison
Attending Abeka Academy is like getting a Christian school education for a fraction of the cost—as little as $959 for a full year of elementary school, including books and tuition. Which means you’re able to give your child an education that’s both academically rigorous and exceptionally affordable.

Homeschool Puts You In Control

As a homeschool parent you have a huge say in:
For Your Kids
Get up to $250 credited to your account by switching to Abeka now.

When it’s time to leave the classroom

Abeka Academy: Homeschool at the push of a button
With Abeka Academy, the video homeschool option from Abeka, children learn by watching master teachers lead the lessons on pre-recorded videos. Parents provide follow-up and encouragement. 

Here is what you need to know about Abeka Academy:

Instruction takes place in a Christian school classroom.
Professional educators teach using Abeka’s proven curriculum.
A full-year enrollment is 170 days worth of lessons.
The Basics
Students at home watch lessons on streaming video or DVD between two to five hours a day, depending on their grade level.
Your children see real interactions between the teacher and video classroom students. (They may even feel like part of the class.)
A free academic helpline is included with your enrollment, staffed by educators who know how to explain difficult concepts.
For Parents
Each enrollment includes a video manual with clear instructions about what to do each day.
You’ll stay involved in your child’s education by checking their work, grading tests, listening to their oral presentations, etc.
With the no-extra-cost accredited option, Abeka validates all major assignments, issues report cards, and provides official transcripts.
What your children study
Where they learn
How fast you move
When they start and finish the school years
.Get one full week of Abeka Academy right now and experience our engaging teachers and classroom atmosphere firsthand. You'll have access to our entire library of streaming video lessons.
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Lessons on Demand
New Student Rebate
That means you can withdraw your child from public school to begin homeschooling whenever you need to—even in the middle of a school year! All you have to do is follow the steps for your state. (You can find a list on the HSLDA website.)